Day 2 ~ Ahhhh

I ate well today, yay!

Hit the gym and then took my doggie for a walk and then spent the night on my feet at work. I hope tomorrow is a successful day too! 



Day 1 ~ Finding My Feet…

Today I started my day off with a delicious bowl of yoghurt and fruit. I’ve decided for the first 14 days I’m going to the gym every other day, and then I’ll begin going 4-5 days a week.

I made a sandwich for lunch, a coffee and a muffin in the afternoon, and had a sushi roll for dinner (any helpful advice on my eating is welcome).

I feel good today. A little guilty that I didn’t go the the gym, but good nonetheless. I think I can keep myself in check using the blog, this will be a useful tool for me.

Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement yesterday! It kept me feeling motivated when I woke up this morning!

Let’s push for an intense cardio and abs day tomorrow!


Day 0 ~ The day I decided to change my life.

I started the day off with a vegetarian breakfast (so good) and a soy coffee (yummmm) from one of my favourite cafes.

Shortly after breakfast/lunch (because it was midday) I headed to the gym! 20 minutes of cardio and a weights circuit later, and I was helping mum with the grocery shopping.


I didn’t eat again until dinner. Not a great start, because I know I need to eat less food, more often 😦
For dinner I had grilled salmon with cauliflower, broccoli and spinach. It was delicious.

Well, a good day starts with a good nights sleep, so goodnight!

Hi ~

Hello everyone that is reading this! My name is Michaela, I’m 20, and for years I have struggled with body confidence issues.

I think it started from being an overweight child. I was always the biggest kid in my year group at school, but this was never really a problem and I was never really self conscious, until my first year of high school in 2007. I suppose body image becomes a bigger issue the more we mature, and from the youthful age of 12, I became extremely body conscious.

I would look around at my peers, beautiful, skinny, tiny little girls, and wonder why I didn’t look like them, why the boys were never interested in me, and why people teased me. Some nights I would lay awake and say to myself “tomorrow is the day. I’ll begin my weight loss tomorrow.” Looking back, I kind of feel like it was an unhealthy attitude for a 12/13 year old to have. I feel like I shouldn’t have given a damn what other people thought, and I should have been doing it only for myself.

At some point during 2007/2008 I decided that I was sick of being bullied and going home upset, and I began to take control of what I was consuming. I don’t think I did this in the healthiest way though, because as a 13 year old, I was not extremely educated on what to eat and how much to eat. So I did what any desperate 13 year old would do and just halved everything I was eating. Did I eat a yoghurt for breakfast previously? Well now I was eating HALF a little yoghurt for breakfast and putting the rest in the fridge for afternoon tea.

Knowing what I know now as a 20 year old, I realise this was unhealthy and no doubt contributed to my constant fatigue. By 2009 I had lost a lot of weight and was at a weight that would be considered “normal” by my peers.

I was extremely lucky throughout that time that I had an amazing network of friend that stood by me, and that are still an amazing bunch of people now (you all know who you are).

My weight has fluctuated significantly throughout the years. My heaviest was in 2012 at 75kg-80kg. This was a hard time for me, my parents separated and I was worried about my final Higher School Certificate exams.

I am currently 65kg. My goal is to get to 60kg and then begin to put on muscle by September. So I may end up being 65kg, but I hope to look like a different person. I hope to be more confident in myself, and I want to be here for support and courage for everyone else.

Follow this blog for updates on my eating, my exercise and my wisdom ;).

So, you may be wondering why I’ve started this blog if I’m now “average”. The truth is, I don’t want to be average anymore, I want to be amazing and I want to help girls and boys just like my little 12 year old self, struggling with self-confidence issues.

My name is Michaela, I’m 20 years old, and I’m going push myself to feel things I never thought was possible.

This is what I look like as of the 10th of July 2015.
Please excuse the messy room 🙂
Front Side

I hope you join me on my journey.